The Yuen Yuen Institute MFBM Nei Ming Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College

Aims and Objectives

General Aims

The general aims of the curriculum are to ensure that students can:

  • build up confidence in using English
  • become competent, reflective, adaptable and critical users of the language
  • develop generic skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, self-management and problem-solving skills which are necessary for the world of work and the pursit of knowledge
  • become life-long learners


Specific Aims on Junior Forms

The specific aims of the curriculum are to ensure Junior students can:

  • master basic reading and writing skills
  • reinforce their knowledge and understanding of basic English usage and grammar
  • develop their ideas creatively
  • learn how to communicate in English
  • foster an interest in listening to English materials
  • enhance English proficiency through language arts
  • do well in the TSA so as to prove their success in learning


Specific Aims on Senior Foms

The specific aims of the curriculum are to ensure Senior students can:

  • master the language skills required by the HKDSE and SBA
  • develop skills to communicate in English for practical purposes
  • analyze reading and listening materials critically
  • learn English as a global language
  • foster a spirit of critical and logical writing