The Yuen Yuen Institute MFBM Nei Ming Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College

School-based Activities

English Passport Reward Scheme

This is one of the most popular programs among our junior form students. This scheme encourages students to take part in both classroom activities and school-based English learning activities. By actively participating in those activities, students will be rewarded with a stamp. When students collect a certain number of stamps, they are entitled to redeem some attractive and useful prizes.

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English Lunchtime Activities and English Week

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, various activities were held including reading aloud, board games and movie appreciation. These activities enable students to learn English outside the classroom and they are no longer confined to their learning progress within the classroom.

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Bridging Course

Every summer, in an attempt to welcome and bridge the newcomers to the new family they are unfamiliar with, we cooperate with native English speakers from external professional service providers to organise a 3-day bridging course for students to get ready for the upcoming school life. The native tutors are given with great flexibility to cover different skills like creative writing and phonics. At the end of the course, the learning outcomes of students are usually demonstrated through booth games, drama, or scripts. Let’s take a look of the following photos and experience the joy they enjoyed then!

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English Channel

Starting from the autumn every year is the debut of a new group of hosts anchoring a new series of English Channel broadcast through the Campus TV in the morning. Various themes ranging from interviews with new teachers to interesting idioms or western cultures are featured in different episodes. Students are invited to be hosts and hostesses to guide the audience throughout the period. What they gain leaving the studio is a shot of confidence and a precious experience of presentation in front of hundreds of teachers and students.

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Watch an episode of Campus TV HERE